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Corporate Finance and Advisory

We offer you Corporate
Finance and Advisory Services

We all have financial needs, and finding an affordable solution to meeting those needs is an area that many people seek advice upon. We believe that the more informed you are while starting your business the better decisions you will make. We make every effort to ensure that your ideas are implemented but based on a firm foundation.

Your needs today could be significantly different to those of the future. Financial planning could provide a means of reducing current tax liabilities as well as aiming to help you provide for your future. You may wish to plan for a child’s education, or the purchase of a dream home or perhaps for income in your retirement. No effective financial plan can ignore the effects of outside influences like accidents, long term illness or loss of employment. It is also important to have a financial plan in place so that in the event of your death the tax liabilities are kept at the minimum for those that will be beneficiaries of your estate.

As part of our annual year-end review with you, whether a sole-trader or a company, we like to look back over the past-year, but also to make recommendations for you as to how you can grow sales, make savings or grow profit in the coming 12 months. As the success of our firm is interlinked with the success of your business, we take a strong interest in making sure that everything that can be done, is done, to help and facilitate your business at every part of the process.

Your business’s IT systems and supports are critically important and should be kept under review to ensure that they are working effectively. We will review your financial reporting systems to highlight areas that require improvement. We will also advise on the selection of software packages that will suit each specific business and the industry that they operate within.

We have the knowledge to identify areas to improve and develop the strategies and reports to keeping you working towards the desired result.

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Corporate Finance and Advisory Services

  • Financial planning and projections
  • Start Up and Incorporation
  • Raising Finance
  • Business Plan preparation for Financial Institutions
  • Profit Optimisation
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Management Accounts
  • Review of Financial Reporting Systems
  • Wealth Management
  • Business Valuations
  • Loss of Earnings/Business Interruption Claims
  • Due Diligence